AppFormix for OpenStack

We are committed to integrating completely OpenStack Services and future distributions

AppFormix is a proud supporter of the OpenStack Foundation.

We work closely with its developers and community to provide the best OpenStack optimization and management platform on the market.

We are inspired by OpenStack Operators who fight daily battles to provide a dependable, stable, and cutting edge Enterprise Cloud for their users.

At AppFormix, we work very hard to ensure continued compatibility for each and every new OpenStack release. We guarantee OpenStack optimization as part of our Professional Services that come with a license to our AppFormix Cloud Optimization Platform for OpenStack. Our goal is to help Enterprise OpenStack Operators provide the best Self-Service IT to their users for both current and custom OpenStack Distributions.

When Operators investigate incidents or manage their environment, they do so via our unified OpenStack dashboard and extensive API. AppFormix users can view system performance on a cluster level, by OpenStack Host Aggregates, by OpenStack Projects, or by both grouped and individual hosts and instances. We accomplish this via our platform’s OpenStack Adapter. The AppFormix OpenStack Adapter automatically discovers your OpenStack distribution, services, and environment architecture. After learning your OpenStack environment, the AppFormix OpenStack Adapter then analyzes and optimizes performance of services. AppFormix uses your OpenStack Keystone Authentication to provide your users with a Self-Service dashboard with access to analytics, and alarms. The role-based API can be used by applications to gain access to analytics, metrics and orchestration rules.