AppFormix for Kubernetes

Manage your containers and Kubernetes clusters from a single dashboard or via API

Our metrics and analytics for containers are organized by the Kubernetes architecture, allowing users to view the performance of their environment in a way that makes sense in a microservice ecosystem. Users can view analysis and make alarms or orchestration rules for specific or all namespaces, hosts, pods, and containers. The dashboard can be further customized to map to application projects, host clusters, or the Kubernetes daemon sets.

AppFormix allows Operators to get back in the driver's seat when it comes to their Kubernetes Cloud Infrastructure

We’re committed to providing top-notch management, analytics, and optimization solutions for both Kubernetes and Kubernetes on top of OpenStack environments.

Similar to our OpenStack solution, we deliver a great way to manage and optimize Kubernetes services and containers by putting a light-weight 'smart' agents on the compute node. The Kubernetes Adapter works on any Kubernetes platform that is installed on a public cloud like GCE and AWS, or on hybrid or private clouds that have a basic Linux distribution under Kubernetes. The Kubernetes Adapter allows Operators to view metrics and analysis tools in terms of Kubernetes cloud organization platform. Using the Kubernetes Adapter, the AppFormix Infrastructure view is organized via NameSpaces and Pods and can be configured to maintain Daemon Set node-grouping as well. Within the Pod container, AppFormix recognizes both the meta container and the workload containers operating therein and helps Operators keep track of their performance.

AppFormix is a proud contributor to the Kubernetes code base. We hope to continue to support this community, playing our part to further the future of enterprise cloud technology.